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 Name:   Greg Walters
 Greg Walters
 Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Development
 University of the West of Scotland
 Elles Building (South)
 Paisley Campus
 PA1 2AB

 Job Title: 
 e-learning developer
 Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Development
 University of the West of Scotland
I have been involved in e-learning since 2005 working as a Media Specialist from 2005 - 2010 for Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency (GSWRA). From January 2012 - August 2012, I worked as Flash Developer at Learn Pro. Since November 2012, I have been working at The University of the Scotland (UWS) as a e-learning developer.
 BA Applied Graphics Technology, Glasgow Caledonian University 2003
Posted by Greg Walters (77770933) on 05 June 2013, 7:46 PM

In 2005 - 2010 I started my career in e-learning as a Media Specialist, working with Subject Matter Experts (SME) from Further Educational establishments. I collaborated with them to produce interactive and engaging media items which would reinforce the learning of online blended learning curriculums I was involved in producing. JISC was consulted during the development cycle to ensure the materials developed were accessible to learners.

From January 2012 - August 2012, I worked as a Flash Developer for Learn Pro. This involved working with the emergency and rescue services, in particular NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to produce online courses which were uploaded to Learn Pro's bespoke Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). I worked with SME's to develop and establish the learning objectives of the courses, ensure the topics reinforced and matched the learning objectives established and methods of assessing if learners had grasped course content. The interactive media items I produced were used to compliment the learning content of the courses

I have been employed by the University of the West of Scotland since November 2012 as an e-learning developer. This involves providing staff with pedagogical and technical support to develop modules across all schools and campuses within the institution. I also work with academic staff in the application and development of instructional design to their learning materials, advice on best methods of delivery, offer staff development in the use of our VLE (Moodle) and other e-learning software tools. The ADDIE model is used, when a brand new module is being developed in collaboration with academic staff.

I wish to complete the CMALT accreditation in order to align my qualifications with my profession.

I feel this will aid me in assessing my progression as an e-learning developer due to the reflective nature of the CMALT accreditation process.

Posted by Greg Walters (77770933) on 05 June 2013, 7:57 PM

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements and evidence included in this submission accurately describe my practice and are drawn from my own work, with the input and support of others duly and clearly recognised.

Signed: Greg Walters

Date: 18/08/2014

Posted by Greg Walters (77770933) on 05 June 2013, 9:28 PM
Start date End date Position
12/11/2012 Current e-learning Developer: University of the West of Scotland 0
24/01/2012 28/08/2012 Flash Developer: Learn Pro ltd 0
•Responsible for the development of media assets for our for interactive online learning curricula using a variety of rapid e-learning software. Clients include NHS, Strathclyde Fire Services and Police •Utilising Actionscript 2 & 3 to produce interactive learning objects used in online courses by the NHS and other national emergency services •Developed animations in Flash for use in online courses. •Liaised with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from NHS and NHS Education Scotland (NES) when developing User interfaces and media assets for courses and modules •Authored, developed and uploaded 24 modules for the NHS and several courses for Strathclyde and Cheshire fire services using Blackboard (Wimba) Create •Designed User Interfaces using Adobe Photoshop and subsequently authored them in Blackboard (Wimba) Create • Developed and created quizzes and other interactive games using Adobe Captivate, along with used Raptivity and Articulate. • Created interactive templates and presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
31/01/2011 31/01/2012 Graphic Designer, Multimedia Developer and Illustrator: Talking Duck (Self Employed) 0
25/07/2005 26/02/2010 Multimedia Specialist: Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency 0
At GSWRA, I was involved in developing a range of online Blended Learning courses, aimed at young adult learners. Working with Subject Matter Experts to produce engaging and interactive learning objects. I was also involved in developing the video and voice overs used in our online blended learning curriculums. I was also responsible for developing the photographic imagery used in our courses. The range of media I produced, ranged from Flash animations, interactive games, quizzes. I was also involved in the interface design of our courses as well.
Start date End date Qualification
08/09/2002 25/05/2003 Applied Graphic Technology (BA) at Caledonian University 0
Using software to create engaging multimedia applications and animations.
Date Title
June 13th 2014 Winner of Technology and Business systems iTech awards 0
The case study I was involved in producing won the Technology and Business systems category at the annual itech awards. Picture of the UWS team receiving award at event: Link to award being presented (video, 6:00 minutes in):
June 6th 2014 Outstanding team award 0
University of the West of Scotland (Staff Appreciation & Recognition Scheme (STARS) awards) Staff Appreciation & Recognition Scheme (STARS) awards are designed to recognise employees who, as individuals or teams, have made a real difference to the students, staff or University in general, as chosen by the staff and students themselves. Outstanding team: This award is designed to recognise a team or department who have worked together to deliver outstanding results in their work area. This will be a team which: * Has team members who are committed and work well together * Builds effective and strong working relationships with others * Co-operates with others in their own department and across other departments * Works flexibly and creatively to deliver excellence in their area Here is a link to a picture of the team recieving hte awrd for the Principal of UWs Professor Craig MaHoney :
April 2014 Gamification 1
From January 27th 2014, I sat an online distance learning non credit bearing MOOC on Gamification, delivered by Profressor Kevin WarBech of Pennsylvania. The course lasted 10 weeks and covered Gamification. I plan on applying what I learned in the course to my work.
Attached files:
Coursera gamification 2014.pdf (278.5K) - Download
September 2013 Moodle MOOC: Teaching With Moodle 0
I was award to online Mozilla badges for completing this MOOC
August 23rd 2013 Individual/Team Award UWS eLearning Team – Innovation and collaboration in assessment 0
I am part of the team that won the Individual/Team Award at the Scottish e-assessment awards 2013. Our peers voted for us at the event. The recently formed eLearning Team at the University of West of Scotland, led by Bill Steele, has made a huge contribution to supporting innovation in e-learning and assessment both within the institution and across the wider Scottish education sector. Here is a link to the trophy being presented:
May 2013 Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CS6 0
April 2013 Adobe Certified Associate in Flash CS6 0
June 2010 Higher National module, Adobe In Design: Electronic Publishing for Commercial Print, 0
Sep 2008 Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CS3 0
Using Adobe Photoshop to demonstrate a intermediate use of programme.
July 2008 Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver CS3 0
Using Adobe Dreamweaver to demonstrate a intermediate use of programme.
January 2008 Adobe Certified Associate in Flash CS3 0
Using Adobe Flash to demonstrate a intermediate use of programme.
Feb 2007 Level 5 Introductory Diploma in Management 0